Happy Anniversary Sheryl


Today marks 7 years since Sheryl and I got together so I wanted to repost this tribute to my wonder wife! Tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary so I am trying to plan something special, possibly a poem dedicated to her. We got married on 9th August 2008, I wanted to get married on our anniversary of the 8th as our wedding day would have been 08/08/08 but it fell on a Friday and I lost the argument!

Originally posted on The Depressed Moose:


Photo from August 9th 2008 BEST…DAY…EVER

Look at the photo taken at my wedding reception, one of the rare occasions that I have a photo taken and don’t have to force a smile.

I can still remember the first time I saw her, Karaoke night at the Sirloin pub where I used to work in 1999. Did I mention I use to be known as Garryoke on these nights? Hmmmmmm maybe should have kept that quiet. She was in a relationship with my best friend at the time and when I saw her eyes for the first time I was breath taken. I was there with my partner at the time as well so I did what I used to do best turned up the sarcasm levels to max and charmed (read repulsed) her silly.

I continued to socialise with her throughout the next few years but there was always a spark between…

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