My Bright Idea Part 1

So after thinking long and hard about how we can spread the gospel according to the moose I am thinking about working to publish a book of poems written and/or short stories by people with depression and other Mental Health Illnesses.

I have a few of my own to go into the book but this is where you come in!

Would you be willing to submit your efforts for me to add to the book? I read a lot of poetry on here and it blows me away how talented you all are so I am sure we can create something between the whole of us!

It can be published as a book for kindle or something. You don’t need to have a kindle to read it as you can download “kindle for pc” from amazon to enable the book to be read, I know this as I did it the other day to read a short story written by Rob Roper (nice plug for you Rob, invoice is in the mail)

The plan will be to spread the word around wordpress, twitter, facebook and anywhere we can think off to bring this to fruition maybe with enough submissions to create a series of books. This is somewhere else where I will need your help!

What do you think? willing to get involved?

Ideas for titles? artwork? Would love to get some feedback on this as it would nice to read books on mental health from those of us who suffer as opposed to experts telling us how we should react and do things?

“Tales from the Asylum – A real look at Mental Health from those who know best” is my idea for a title so far LOL so you can see where I need some help!


Email me at with suggestions or submissions and if this takes off there will be one hell of a party at depressed moose manor 🙂

I can just imagine it being serialised in the press highlighting just how “normal” and talented people with mental health illness are and in the process helping in the battle to end the stigma!

Altogether now “50 shades who?” <giggles>


51 comments on “My Bright Idea Part 1

  1. I sit here in a land of despair
    Bald because I tore out my hair
    No-one sees the fight within to stop myself from pearcing my skin

    I love the world and the ppl who live on it
    Only for there stares to bring back my despair

    All the while I fight myself to me walking infont of traffic

  2. I sit here in a land of despair
    Bald because I tore out my hair
    No-one sees the fight within to stop myself from pearcing my skin

    I love the world and the ppl who live on it
    Only for there stares to bring back my despair

    All the while I fight myself to stop me walking infront of traffic, to have the ones who meant to help refuse me from getting of this roundabout

    So here I am looking in my endless pit wondering if someone will come along to turn me from falling down to flying up

  3. Great idea – more than happy to get involved if I can…. I’ll put myself forward as proofreader too, if you need one. I’m good at grammar 🙂

    • WeeGee, i could use help with copyright for my blog, and i am also finishing up a book…could you send me some hints on the copyright front. i have an isbn already for my first book

  4. Are you allowing illlustrations? There are some great artists out there and their work could really emphasise the words.

    • sure looking for anything we can do books on poems, art, short stories the list could be endless! but im only one ickle moose so can only do a bit at a time (worries if he has bitten off more than he can chew LOL)

  5. Hey Moosey man. I’d be honoured if you’d want to include any of my poetry. But I understand if it isn’t good enough for what you were thinking!! Just yeah, the offer is there 🙂 x

  6. Hi, I’ve shown a couple of my very new poems on the elephant in the room and would be proud/pleased to have them in your book/publication, I would just prefer them to be anonymous, if that’s possible I will share them here (and of course if you like them!)

  7. This is a *fantastic* idea, Moose. HOw many times do we feel like we’re the only ones feeling exactly like we do. It would be awesome to have some normalising by reading others feel these ways too. And I reckon therapists should all read writing and see art by people living with mental illnesses too.
    WIth that said, I’d hesitate to write anything for something which tries to let people see we aren’t that different from them, well people, that is. Hahha! I’m way too weird for anyone to buy that! Hahahahha!
    I *love* LOVE your proposed title. Perfect!! 😀
    Love from Rach.
    (I have depression, complex PTSD, and Dissociative Identity Disorder- DID)

      • I’m more than happy to help out with any editing if you want. I love editing. I don’t care about editing with my Blog here, but I can be very thorough. 🙂 I studied professional writing and editing too. Let me know if I can help. 🙂 People are much more likely to read and recommend a well-edited book.

      • having to format it using word to fit into the kindle or e-reader style has kept me up all night lol i have no idea how it works and havent even wrote a word yet. Dont have writers block have stupid technical block LOL

  8. I get stupid technology block too! 🙂 hehehee You’ll work it out and it will be *awesome*! This is seriously the best idea I’ve heard of in a long time!

  9. May I repress this post on my Blog? I’ve got one friend in particular who writes AMAZING poetry, and lives with mental illness and advanced MS too. Plus other friends who write about mental illness too.
    You should tell people here that you will retain the right to choose *not* to enter certain pieces into the book if you feel they are inappropriate. Just so if you get something way weird you don’t have to add it, if it will take away from the book. Just thinking.

  10. Reblogged this on The Depressed Moose and commented:

    Had a good response on twitter to this idea as well as some positive comments here but less than 24 hours later and only 2 submissions. Please spread the word and help me get this up and running because otherwise my depression will cause me to lose interest LOL. The idea will be to donate 50% of sales to Mind Charity with amazon taking 30% if i self-publish with them leaving 20% for me to cover time etc it is not gonna make me rich but could be the start of something good with enough support from everyone. I am even thinking of getting Al Pacino to play me in the film!

  11. This is an amazing idea. Unfortunately I am no good as a poet / writer, but will be willing to give it a go to explain the day to day living with depression / anxiety etc. I am behind you all the way on this.

  12. Not much of a poet, but I’m happy to pitch in with any of the administrative stuff. I could have a go at writing you a non-fiction short story if that would help at all? I’ve never really tried creative writing before.

  13. Hi Moose

    that’s one of the best idea’s i’ve heard all week… wondering when do you need it by as well? I shall be reposting this to my facebook page too in aid of ur mission.



  14. hi moose, sent you an email. i would be happy to submit some photos. you can see samples of my work at … i’m bipolar and have battled depression for many years. it totally informs my work and if you wanted a short written piece in addition to photos i could write about bipolar/depression and creativity

  15. awesome idea – one that I had as well when I started my blog, Write into the Light and later an online art and literary journal called Turtle Way. Stop by and take a look at the new issue (published just last week) when you get a chance, and best of luck with your project!

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