Help The Moose – SOM Save Our Moose

Ok ladies and gentlemen I come to you in desperate need of your help, ideas and advice.

My books are not selling! My new book has sold 1 copy on kindle, and 4 paperbacks – of those 4 paperbacks I have bought 2 of them and the person who bought the kindle edition also purchased the paperback so it means only 3 people have bought the new book.

I am humbly asking for your help in suggesting ways to promote the books as I obviously have no idea how to do it and as a result my confidence is at ground zero!

I did a free promotion on the poetry book which generated 75 “sales” but no additional sales as a result so is it worth me making Diary of The Depressed Moose book 1 free to try and get some interest in the 2nd book?

Ideas and suggestions needed because I am at my wits end checking the sales and not seeing the figures go up and this is not helping my mood.

Depression and the feeling of being a failure are not helped by people not wanting my books – yes I know its silly but that is how depression works.

Click here for my authors page on Amazon and check out the books, maybe you can come up with better ideas for the descriptions anything that helps is welcomed.

Advertising that meets my approval

This is the sort of advertising I like!

This is the sort of advertising I like!

When I opened my email from Amazon yesterday with its recommendations for me I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of 2 of my books! I wonder if anyone else got these recommended to them.

Still a good way to start the day methinks!

Ready for Today but Disappointed

Disappointed because my paperback version of Diary of The Depressed Moose still has not arrived 😦

I was planning on spending the day riding the underground reading the book, laughing at parts of it, crying at others and generally making people question what is it about that book that is having that effect on that strange man.

Seemed like a good advertising opportunity if you ask me 😀

Still maybe I can wear my moose’s head on the train with a link to this blog!

Anyhoo I have had 3 hours sleep, feel like I am starting to get a cold, please God don’t let it be man flu! and in the 2 and a half hours I have been awake have gone to the toilet 3 times already ffs

But fear not the moose will be on the loose



Lets hope the IBS tablets kick in before I hit the underground, the positive side of that is if they dont I am pretty much guaranteed a seat 😀