Free Today

I have made 2 of my ebooks free today on Amazon!

All I ask is that you write a review if you like the books and help spread the word to others (hopefully this will increase sales as total sales in 2 months is currently 1 book!)

free ebboks

free ebboks


head over to Amazon NOW and get the books! if you look closely at the photo you can see my other free book on the bottom left!

click here

Stepping Into the Light is Free Today!

To try and generate some interest in my books I have made the book of poetry, Stepping into the light – poems from the darkness, free today in the Amazon Kindle store.

You don’t even need to have a kindle you can download and install the Kindle for pc app from amazon and view it.

Please help to promote this book I would be very grateful.

If you do purchase and read the book please be kind enough to write a review of it on Amazon to help more people decide to buy it in the future. click here click here click here

The book, as are all my others are also available on Amazon sites in France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy and Brazil.

Thank you!

Even I can afford a free book

Advertising that meets my approval

This is the sort of advertising I like!

This is the sort of advertising I like!

When I opened my email from Amazon yesterday with its recommendations for me I was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of 2 of my books! I wonder if anyone else got these recommended to them.

Still a good way to start the day methinks!

101 Reasons to be Cheerful

My books have now sold 101 copies!

That’s a pretty impressive number and a great way to start a week.

That is in all formats paperback and e book across amazon and smashwords.

And I am so proud of myself this morning!

I have even taken some screen shots of The Diary of The Depressed Moose’s ranking on

Paperback ranked #82 in books on depression book ranking


Kindle version rankings are even better

Kindle ranking from


My friends across the pond are letting the side down so looks like my planned book signing tour of the USA will need to be cancelled until they start buying the books (HINT HINT)

Monday morning, 10 hours sleep last night and 3 figures in book sales

This week is going to be my week I can just feel it!

Now Found on Smashwords

Diary of The Depressed Moose


It has taken me over 7 hours and lots of editing but now I have finally got the book available on Smashwords.

Any non UK people looking to purchase please do so from there and not from as the payment system from Amazon does not work for me unless I open a bank account in USD and from what I can gather my bank would charge me to do this.

It is also available on non Kindle e readers there so now you have no excuses 😀

Here is the link for my book on smashwords


There is some good news however, seeing as I have been so busy doing this that my depression has lifted and its now 3.30am on Saturday.