IBS and Me

Thankfully I can find the funny side in my situation and it certainly helps get me through the bad times.

With that in mind here are some pictures which best describe the past few days in my world.


it all started with a craving


and then the inevitable happened


not sure this will be enough


gotta be worth a shot hasnt it?

ringoffire (2)

no words needed!

of course IBS is no laughing matter. It is ruining my life!

It’s Bloody Shitty if you ask me! (see what I did there? genius I tells ya!)

Not much brings you down more than spending most of the day rushing to the toilet! Thank God I didn’t have to go anywhere that day of it could have got very messy.

Now I just need to find the number of someone at Andrex to see if they want to sponsor this blog!

I can see it now…

who needs a cute puppy when you can have me!

who needs a cute puppy when you can have me!

Wacky Moose

When I get bored I end up doing stupid things. You know, crazy out of the ordinary stuff like writing books and publishing them! Well yesterday I went back to stupidly bored college and graduated with a degree.

Yep the moose decided it would be a welcome distraction to wax his chest! Thank god for the cream though because I will never use the strips again!

Luckily for you lot you know how shy I am when it comes to my God like figure (Buddha being the God) so there are no images to share… Garry Stripped Bare will remind you of my shyness

Anyhoo today my IBS tablets took over 7 hours to work and I was finally able to go out to the shop, luckily as I had run out of toilet roll! (Andrex I have advertising space here on this blog in return for a lorry load of toilet roll)

I got my benefits today which means 2 things.

1) I could get some shopping

2) I am now poor again for the next 2 weeks when the benefits get paid again

seriously why do they pay it fortnightly? It really annoys me!

On another note I am willing to give some people free copies of my ebooks if they are willing to write a review for them after reading, just email me thedepressedmoose@hotmail.com and I will give you a code to use on smashwords.

I am too tired and bored of my own voice to keep advertising them….

Not only tired and bored but my chest is itchy as hell LOL still Sheryl was at least delighted at the sight of me being covered in baby oil like a chippendale! Only happy until she went for a cuddle and slipped off me 😀