Sleep Glorious Sleep

Today I woke up at 9.30 made a quick phone call to my nan then crept into bed for hugs with Lilybet around 10am.

Next thing I knew it 4.30 in the afternoon woot woot

That was a deep sleep and obviously much needed, even the sound of Sheryl using the hoover all through the flat and inches away from me did not wake me up 😀

The good thing is that I was very proactive last night in terms of my bingo issues and actually went through 99% of the sites and either shut them down or restricted the spending limit so that I wont bother using them anymore and feel bloody great today!

October was not the best of months for me in terms of my writing but I can feel creative juices starting to build up again so fingers crossed November will be a good month for me.

Especially as my birthday falls in November, 29th for those asking so you have 4 weeks to get my present wrapped and posted 😀

It is also “movember” so I will not be having a shave this month to do my bit for ridiculous facial hair – picture will be posted on 30th November!

And the biggest news…

Today (1st November) is the start of my latest attempt to give up smoking, and the training for the 10k run begins in earnest this month too.