Right Said Moose

Today I sent a tweet to the lead singer of Right Said Fred, Richard Fairbrass, directing him to the post where I changed his song “I’m too sexy” into “I’m Too Depressed”

Click here for a reminder of my genius on that particular post

Anyways I was both surprised and delighted to receive a reply from him!

my twitter conversation with Richard Fairbrass

my twitter conversation with Richard Fairbrass


He also retweeted my blog to his followers as part of my competition to win a signed copy of my book so the delightful Life-on-the-edge has won the copy of the book

Meanwhile I am heading to the barbers to get my right said fred haircut then waiting for Mr Fairbrass to agree to being a backing singer for the new single 😀


Twitter Tips needed

I am not convinced I am using twitter to maximize the possible exposure to this blog so would like some tips from other folks please.

I see some people spend all day tweeting all their followers with links asking for retweets is that the way to do it? or is it better to just tweet once and hope people pick up on it?

Reason I ask is that I get annoyed when people tweet me their link when they have never even had a conversation with me and I would feel like a hypocrite if I started doing the same thing. Even though I do that to “celebrities” for a possible retweet but hey thats what they are on twitter for right?

And don’t even get me started on people who send me a DM with their blog links as soon as I follow them. Again am I missing a trick here and should start doing the same thing?

How do you use twitter to your advantage? I would love to know because I am very bored and need to do something today 😀