An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse..Help Me Raise Money for Bipolar UK

When a Sicilian makes a request you do not refuse, I have read enough books on my favourite subject to know this much, it is also harder to refuse when it’s the beautiful Antonella asking you, so here we go again.

The running shoes are being dusted off and the running tights being brought out of retirement for one last fundraising effort this year.

I have been asked bullied into doing the Do It For Charity Santa Run – details of the even can be found here

On the 8th December I will be dressing up as Father Christmoose and chasing after Miss Claus to raise some money for Bipolar Uk, a charity very close to Antonella. Despite no training since my last run I will be doing 5km and would be very grateful if anyone would be willing to dip into their pockets and sponsor the two of us.

And so Moose and Ant hope you can help us meet our fundraising target for a good cause. Please help spread the word, tweet the link, share the link on Facebook do anything to get people excited at the prospect of seeing me in a Santa outfit.

Our sponsorship page can be found here

The beautiful Antonella, now who wouldn't donate to charity to see her dressed as Santa!

The beautiful Antonella, now who wouldn’t donate to charity to see her dressed as Santa!

Wishing you a Merry Christmoose!


This will be my last past until after Christmas day so from myself, Sheryl and the gang I would like you to wish you all  A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMOOSE!!

Six months ago I started this blog and the support I have received from you has played a massive part in my recovery, which still needs completion but is closer than ever!.

I have made some new friends via this blog and also been humbled by people who have donated money to me and my family as well.

May Santa fill your stockings and bring you everything you wished for, and if you have time please remember to think about the people who are alone and have no one, if you know someone like that they could be waiting for your call or message. Five minutes of your time could well change the whole life of someone!

See you all next week when hopefully this great spell I am under continues and I can share my photos with you!

Take care and God bless each and everyone of you!


Fat Lip and Bad Luck

Haven’t posted since Friday which is the longest period of silence since I started blogging!

It has been a rough few days emotionally and physically but I am still here fighting hard, just sometimes the fight goes when so many things conspire against you.

I ventured out into the big bad world of Christmas shopping last week with some money in hand to get some presents for the wife and kids. After buying a few pieces for everyone I went into one last shop for a big spend up and at that point realised that the money I had left over, about £150, was gone! Somehow between shops I had lost the last remaining money for Christmas! Either my pockets were picked or it simply fell out by itself I do not know but I am determined not to let it get me too down or I will end up destroying myself!

Sick does not even come close to describing my emotions so as a result I have been in hiding from the world.

I did get my lip pierced though so as a treat for you all here is the Moose with a fat lip and a photo that makes me look like a serial killer!

Fat Lip!

Fat Lip!


As of today I am in an improved mood. In fact over the weekend I was a good boy even doing some chores around the house and cooking dinner for everyone last night. Brownie points for me that I am saving for the next time I piss Sheryl off LOL

I am trying to embrace Christmas this year for the sake of the kids but it really is not my favourite time of year, growing up with mum and dad fighting every christmas will do that to you but Lilybet is very excited this year but unfortunately for me she has already “written a letter to santa to tell him you have been naughty” so no presents this year for Moosey!


Get Ready for ChristMoose

Not written much past couple of days as been in a nice self loathing, depressed IBS cycle and not felt like talking.

So to keep myself busy I have created a shed load of merchandise for the Christmoose rush

It is so cool there are so many things I wanna order but cant afford LOL

So being all childish and ridiculously hyper here is my shop

I give you shop

seriously go and look some amazing stuff here!

I dont expect a single thing to sell but you never know…