Zero, zilch.

This currently best describes the following

  • energy
  • enthusiasm
  • motivation
  • creativity
  • willingness to do anything besides crawl back into bed!

I feel empty, useless and worthless all rolled into one bundle of miserable bastard.


Thankfully the need to spend hours on the toilet has subsided for now so I no longer have to fight with my onesie to get it off before my EAS kicks in. EAS is my own diagnoses for IBS – it stands for Exploding Ass Syndrome! Thankfully I do not have any images to share with you!

I woke up today at around 2.45pm and could quite easily stayed in bed all day were it not for people unknown kicking the bed waking me up, and even after around 10 hours sleep I still feel exhausted and drained!

I guess its the usual case of the down cycle coming after the excitement of doing things last week and now I have nothing to look forward to again.

I try reaching out to people but I am the first to admit that I wait for people to message me rather than me message them, I guess it comes from not having the patience to wait for a reply LOL but then there are people who I reach out to who simply ignore me and that makes things worse. So if I haven’t messaged you don’t take it personally it’s just that I don’t think people want to hear about my depressing life!

Fingers crossed things start looking up soon before I start spending all day in bed!