There’s a Storm a coming


Blue sky turns dark,

black clouds overhead

The storm is a coming

bringing feelings of dread.


A month of “success”,

Taking it all in my stride,

Telling myself I have beaten it

Turns out I lied.


The sunshine disappearing,

Replaced by thunder, lightning and rain

The suffering of my friends

Causing me so much pain.


Let the rain wash over me,

Let the storm sweep me away,

I’m stronger than you think

I will be back another day.


Suffering doubts and self pity,

It’s no longer my style.

I can handle what you throw at me,

I will beat you with a smile.


Allowing the bad days,

No more being dragged back down

No more hiding from the fight.

It’s a new day tomorrow and with it comes new light.


I’m not scared of you storm,

and the drama your bringing

I’m Garry the moose

And I’m used to winning!


One day at a time,

The storm will not last

Keep the faith in your recovery

And once more it will have passed!