New Godfather Tattoo (Again)

Another new tattoo, another 3 hours of pain. My Godfather theme tattoo is starting to take shape and Duane the tattooist at Illumin-Eye Tattoo is a genius!

You can find him on Facebook here if your in London and can get to Mile End in east London then do it!

Tell him Moose sent you, he is a great tattooist and a real nice guy too.

So here it is, Robert De Niro as Vito Corleone from The Godfather part 2!

Don Corleone old and young!

Don Corleone old and young!

Moose Got New Ink

We all know how much I love a tattoo!

And so it gives me pleasure to reveal my newest piece, one I have wanted for years.

I made the artist an offer he couldnt refuse :D

I made the artist an offer he couldn’t refuse!


Big thanks to Duane for fitting me in today and creating this masterpiece!

Duane works in Mile End, his Facebook page can be found here

I highly recommend him so give him a shout his shop is a five minute walk from Mile End Underground station!