Send me an Angel



photo credit: Google images

photo credit: Google images

I know your up there looking down on me,

Send me an angel or some kind of sign,

something to help or to guide me,

Through this difficult time.


If you were still here today,

you would know the right things to say.

You would tell me you love me and that you believe,

Instead I’m lost without you struggling to grief.


Knowing to you I could turn,

lessons you helped me learn,

You helped me from doing wrong,

Because your faith in me was strong.


Please send me an angel,

To watch over and guide.

Give me back that warm sensation

Of feeling your pride.


Just a flicker of the lights,

or some tapping on the wall.

Anything to let me know

your still here after all.


Send this angel today

in the form of motivation,

remind me what I’m good at

give me some inspiration


Makes me creative again

put the words in my heart

if im touched by an angel

i can make a fresh start!