It’s Raining Awards…And I’m Loving it

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

You all know by now how much getting these awards means to me. Coming from your peers makes them the more special because it shows your on the right track, that your writing is getting across in the way you hoped it would when you started. Now after only one month of blogging I have been kindly given my 3rd award.

I have been nominated by Justathought who has a blog that is well worth a view!

Again the process involves revealing 7 facts about myself and as we know I like to make them a little bit more interesting than you would expect.

Here we go again

  1. I once bought the record Stutter Rap for my twin brother who has a bad stutter
  2. When I was 10/11 I had a car washing “business” with regular customers on a Sunday
  3. I like to have a “messy” corner in the flat. This has turned into 4 messy corners LOL
  4. I once had a road rage incident on my way to work which involved me chasing after a car who cut me up, calling the driver every name under the sun. Imagine my shock when the car turned into my works car park and it was the MD!
  5. I once won a competition in the Daily Mirror. The prize was a football. When it arrived it was punctured! I have never bought the paper since!
  6. I was on live radio once (Kiss 100 FM) and was cycling at the same time. I proceeded to pretend to the presenters that I had just been knocked off my bike by a car and ended the call in dramatic fashion. They then called me back panicking before I told them I was joking and they were crying with laughter over it and sent me a CD as a result.
  7. I once wrote to Jim’ll Fix It asking to dance with the band Five Star – he did not reply!

So there you have it another 7 facts about me I hope your learning more about me!

I would like to nominate CrazyIntheCoconut for this award even though it’s already showing on her page. Just looking at her image on the blog makes me laugh and her writing is very good and I learn a lot from her posts.

And for those still wondering who the hell five star are



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My First Award as a Blogger!

A proud moment for me that I had to share with you all because without your support there would be no blog!

I was nominated by weegee who has been with me since day 2 of my blogging career somehow she found me and has helped me so much! Her blog is wonderful and I highly recommend it!

Here it is my first award

One of the rules of receiving awards is you must answer the questions asked about you from the person who nominated you.

In this instance I must tell you 7 unusual facts about me!

This will be hard as I am trying to come up with the most “out-there” ones I can think of!

  • I can fit 28 Malteasers in my mouth at one time – I know this because Sheryl was stuffing them in until I nearly choked on them!
  • During our “courting”  days Sheryl wrote her initials on my buttocks with Hair removal cream. Unfortunately for me her initials at the time were S.S so when I bent over it looked like SOS!
  • I was once on Blue Peter  – I had bunked off school and went to London Zoo for the day, the same day that Blue Peter were filming and I was spotted by a teacher who saw me in the background making an ass of myself for the camera! Yes I got detention for that LOL
  • I once threw a professional footballer out of a sports shop I worked in because he would not stop playing with the footballs on display
  • I performed on stage at a fundraising event for my football team doing impressions of Jim Bowen, Frank Spencer and Prince Charles! I was about 9 it was the 80’s and I still cringe today when I think of it
  • I am 2 minutes younger than my twin brother
  • When I was in Magaluf for a “lads holiday” I put a condom on my head for a laugh and left it on so long I had a big red circle on my head that took hours to fade and spent the night answering questions about it!

wow that was tougher than I expected it to be! It is hard to write something that is interesting and different. What facts would you come up with? I will be interested to read some!


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