Decisions and Depression

If you have decisions to make how do you separate the logic from thinking with the thought that it is actually the depression talking and holding you back?

Spending time thinking, in turn, time over analyzing the thinking.  Before you know it you are even more confused than when you started! So how do we manage to decide our future when there is a constant battle between your mind and your depression in the whole damn process!

As the wheels of the brain slowly turns I keep coming back to the starting question without making any progress on an answer, in fact there seems to be more questions each time. Weighing up pros and cons or writing lists is not something I am partial to doing. Someone told me to follow my gut – I ended up with a big mac in my hand!

Things need changing and I am scared of the consequences and where it will lead me!

Who, what, where, when got nothing on the fucking questions in my head lately.

Times like this I wish I was not stuck on a fucking waiting list for therapy!