If Depression was a person or a group

If depression was a person, or a group of people, it would be like a group similar to the mafia.

It’s part of a secret society where only the members truly know what happens on the inside.

The world at large knows of it’s existence but the understanding is based on bad press and a lack of knowledge to the mechanics that keep the wheels oiled.

Hidden away in the shadows you know it is there but dare not speak it’s name. Its almost taboo to mention it in case it hears you and turns its attention on you.

Like the hired guns of the mafia it stalks it prey with only one outcome, overwhelming you with the emotional stress of trying to fight the inevitable grip it will soon hold on you.

Give it an inch and it will take a mile, and yet as hard as you resist that mile becomes 10 miles and so on until you are completely at its mercy, to the point where you think it is helping you.

Try to take back those stolen miles and back it comes with a vengeance, twice as strong and all guns blazing.

Many books are written on the subject but most are done from the outside looking in because only those on the inside can reveal the exact workings, and yet talking about it is almost forbidden and is frowned upon.

But there is always a glimmer of hope that someone from inside will speak out, tell the world about the secret society and shed light on it for others in the belief that educating will improve understanding. Looking over their shoulders for the hit men sent to discourage, to dispel the words as fiction. Menacing glares and examples set to ensure that no one else will speak out.

Then when you think you are free from the shackles BOOM! it strikes back and brings you back down to earth with a bang.

Only the strongest survive, the ones too weak to fight back get devoured.



Finally all the years reading about the mafia has come to use!