A Message to the Directors at Nutella

I have advertising room on this blog you know….the emails and begging letters I send keep going unanswered and lets not mention ever again the telephone conversation with the madman crying.

So please for the love of all things that are good in this world can you please send me a jar like the one below!

whats dreams are made of!

If you could also arrange for Mila Kunis to deliver it, in a bikini and a massive spoon, as well then I will change my name to Nutella Williams!

Nothing cures depression like a jar of nutella can even be your new slogan! free of charge you have my blessing.


Friday Night Fantasy






Cheryl Cole


Mila Kunis





Have a great weekend people and remember if you see a smiling moose on your tv somersaulting down the sights of London you will know that the Friday fantasy came true!***

*** ps Sheryl if you are reading this my account was hacked and someone else posted this!