Need to Get this off my Chest

I will readily admit that I like a moan, heck it helps me get it out there and off my chest so I can move on to the next thing I can find to moan about.

This is something that has bothered me for a week or more though and to be perfectly honest it has really pissed me off!

I don’t swear very often in my blog, as opposed to real life where every other word would make a nun blush. I make the effort not to curse in my writing because I don’t want people to be offended so excuse the odd one now and again.

My poetry book had submissions from 41 people. Each of them was sent a message when the book was completed to give them access to a free copy as a thank you from me for sending a poem in.

Out of those 41 people a grand total of 6 people actually sent me a reply saying thank you for all the hard work I had put into editing and formatting the book for kindle, for smashwords and for paperback versions. Each one required a different format and it took plenty of hard work and long hours from me to actually get it finished.

Now I was not expecting them to name their first born after me or anything extreme like that but surely I am not wrong to be upset that they couldn’t be bothered to reply saying thank you?

I also asked if they would write a review on the book and apart from one person (Debbie) that has yet to be done despite the fact that 33 people have purchased their free copy of the book.

I feel like I wasted my time with this project and don’t understand why those who got involved wont help me by spending a few minutes to write a review that would help other people decide if they want to buy the book or not.

Or maybe I just expect too much from people…

Anyhoo now that’s off my chest I feel better