A Liebster Award

Liebster award

my good blogging buddy Madd nominated me for this wonderful award via his blog here and as it has been a while since I have been nominated for anything other than “sexiest depressed moose” (ok I nominated myself), I thought I should accept.

Madd nominated me because, in his words “(I know he likes an award)” but hopefully the real reason was because he thought I deserved it LOL


  1. Post 11 things about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator.
  3. Choose 11 blogs and link them in your post.  Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been nominated.
  4. Create 11 questions for them to answer.
  5. No tag backs!  We wouldn’t want people to get double nominations.  Too much work for them anyways.

so here goes as I try to find 11 interesting things about me that I havent already shared with you

  1. I like to argue with traffic wardens, even though I no longer have a car! Just the other day I kicked off outside Tesco as they happily slapped tickets on cars parked illegally outside the shop even though they were themselves parked illegally! said the moose to the traffic wardens “I hope you intend to ticket this shit bucket of a car as its parked illegally like all the others” its amazing how quick they can get into a car when they are being confronted! bastards!
  2. I own more pink clothing than Sheryl! yep its true I do love a pink T-shirt despite the fact it makes me look like Mr Blobby when wearing it!
  3. I love 80s movies and can happily sit and watch Karate Kid and Back to the Future trilogies all day long! wax on wax off and all that 😀
  4. I secretly watch Disney films on Disney Cinemagic when the flat is empty – what can I say I’m a big kid at heart!
  5. When I was a child my nan would not let me watch “Masters of the Universe”, the film with Dolph “Ivan Drago” Lundgren in it as she thought I would get nightmares!
  6. I set fire to an abandoned car when I was 8 years old! bad moose bad bad!!
  7. my favourite sandwich as a child was marmite and beetroot! mmmm
  8. I once got my twin brother sent off in a football match as the referee thought he was me 😀
  9. my favourite drink is jack daniels and coke
  10. If I could meet any famous person it would be Robert De Niro or Al Pacino, both amazing actors and real idols to me.
  11. I can fit a whole donut in my mouth and eat it without licking my lips! hey that should be my next vlog post 😀

Here are the 11 questions madd come up with for me to answer

  1. How are you right now?pretty damn good! feeling positive and, despite the IBS playing up, the good cycle is in full swing!
  2. What’s your favourite song/piece of music?  (If you have one)music plays a huge part in my life. There are too many songs to list that I could mention. When I am in a good cycle then I can sing along to anything!
  3. Do you have a favourite country? (Outside of your own)for me I would love to visit America, especially new york for all the mafia sights but all over the states I have friends I would love to visit!
  4. What do you enjoy doing the most?writing this blog, and helping other people
  5. I’m finding this difficult to think of questions, are you?im actually impressed you found as many as this to ask!
  6. Do you prefer inner cities/countryside/beaches/other?as a london boy i am used to inner city life but as I have got older I do wish for a place not so hectic! I would say the beach but with my current weight I would worry about being harpooned if I bent over!
  7. Can you speak another language?when i left school i was fluent in french but that was many moons ago
  8. Are you relieved there are only 3 questions to go?very relieved
  9. Can you think of 3 words (any words) to sum you up?

    amazing super moose!

  10. Would you prefer fame or obscurity?  Or somewhere in between?

    I would love to famous weird huh? or maybe i just want the money and not the fame

  11. Woohoo!  Last question.  Isn’t that great?

    it sure is although you did come up with some good ones!

it says I have to nominate 11 blogs but to be honest I think every single blogger who reads my posts deserves an award!

but a special mention to my twin brother David who started a blog about his stammer which can be found here, i am very proud of him for doing this as it was a huge step for him.

I will revive my moose seal of approval award later this week for some deserving folk! keep an eye it for it!

Thank you again Madd for my award!

The Joys of Camouflage

Can you see the cat?

If you look closely enough in the photo you can just about make out my cat on the foreground of my sofa.  The crafty animal was helping herself to the cream on the table and I did not notice her until she was happily tucking into it! It is not the best of pictures but it fits in nicely with the theme of this post.

When we have our depressed days (I am starting to dislike the term “down days” despite how often I use it!)  wouldn’t it be great if we could have a form of camouflage to hide into and disappear from view for a while. It would be a handy tool to have at our disposal, to have the ability to merge into the background and go along our merry way without being spotted by people.

Or would it?

The funny thing about this is how open and exposed I am in this blog despite my claim for camouflage! As I have said before I am a series of contradictions see here for more on that!

I dress in bright colours as I like my clothes to reflect my personality, IE Loud, maybe in a strange way I use it to reflect away from the inside me and let people focus on the outside appearance which I can control better.

Problem is I like wearing pink T-shirts and end up looking like this….

Mr Blobby – photo credit: BBC

Yes I know I do not really look like that mainly because my pink t-shirts are spotless (for this very reason) but I am starting to draw the conclusion that my own camouflage is more verbal than visual. Telling people I am doing OK, I am getting better etc seems to work better for me than hiding behind something as I like to be center stage – There I said it!

Despite the bright, loud clothing I wear it appears it is more anti-camouflage than an attempt at hiding away.  What do you think? Am I making sense or over analyzing?

Despite my depression I am more comfortable at the front than hiding away in the back out of sight, as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind” but I think I may be in the minority in this case. I would love your views on this!

I guess for me attack is the best form of defence in terms of dealing with depression which is why I am happy to tell people about it and publicise it because then I am the master of the situation and can deal with it in my own way.

This probably comes from years of being known as the “loud one” if I carry on with this identity it becomes less obvious to people that there is something wrong. Once you suddenly become quiet and withdrawn the first thing people ask is “what’s wrong?”.

Do you have your own form of camouflage? Is it the smile that appears on your face to hide the real feelings?  I would love to know….