New Year, New Beginnings

Well 2012 has been and gone and what an eventful year it turned out to be.

But now it is all about 2013 and what happens next in the life of the moose.

I hope you all had a wonderful new years eve, I actually went out in the end and welcomed in the new year with Sheryl and my old buddy Jack Daniels and I had a wonderful time surrounded by people I have not seen in years making me feel welcome again.

In fact I had to dispel the rumours circulating among Sheryl’s friends and work colleagues that I had been buried in the forest somewhere as it had been that long since I had been seen 😀

It was great to be out though, being around people letting my (receding) hair down, dancing away in my own unique style it reminded me of the old days when I was young, happy and carefree and it has made me more determined to drive the black dog of depression away this year.

I am not one for resolutions but I do intend to make changes for the better this year and one of them is to get myself out of the flat for nights out more often. Along with meeting my friends at the British Museum recently the two times I have been out socially in December is nearly as much as the whole of 2012 combined!

If you get the chance to go out this year take it! Sitting around indoors is all well and good but nothing beats the feeling of a night out with friends. The sense of accomplishment for making the effort makes it worthwhile. That is my advice to you all for this year, get out more, leave the same 4 walls you’re used to hiding behind and change your scenery even for a few hours. I promise it will make a difference and at the very least you are out and enjoying yourself.


New Years Eve

What plans have you got for New Years Eve?

Sheryl and I have been together for 7 years and we have never spent one together as she works on this night and ends up staying at her mum’s as she finishes so late.

This year I was hoping to spend the night at the club where she works so when the clock strikes midnight and brings in a new year I could be with my wife and best friend and we could start 2013 together.

Naturally it looks like I can’t do that because we have no money as always and are about to run out of gas and electric on the meters and any spare money we have will be spent on this!

It has been 3 years since I went and had a night out and I was desperate for one this year, but as always it looks like I shall be spending new years eve on my lonesome as Brandon will be at his mums and the other kids will be at their Nan’s while Sheryl works.

If you are out celebrating the new year raise a glass for little ole me stuck indoors again feeling sorry for himself!