Embracing the Moose

And so another day begins, another night with 4 hours sleep but it was a very productive day yesterday. A proper domain name for here, a new Facebook page and a day spent soul searching. All in all I put yesterdays “down mood” as a blip in the road and one I was expecting but not ready for!

So who is THE MOOSE, well it started out as a name for my mafia wars account then just grew from there! It then became more about simply a game tag and took on a new persona one that has stuck with me and rather than trying to shun it I feel I should simply embrace it more as it has helped shape me over the last 4 years.

A message from a good online friend simply said

“there’s a reason you are the moose. proud and majestic but also vulnerable in the circle of life.”

Talk about something striking a chord with you! I couldn’t have out this better myself. It was interesting to hear people’s feedback about me losing the moose persona. It’s like my comfort zone being more comfortable in that identity than my own. So yesterdays proclamation “I AM GARRY” needs some adjustment slightly “I AM GARRY THE MOOSE” is more apt.

Some points of clarification are needed here just to make sure we are all on the same page.

When I say Moose I mean this

as opposed to any of the following

so in summary I am a “majestic beast” not an indulgent dessert or a hair styling product!