Outside Looking In

Things are not always what they seem from the outside when depression gets a hold of someone

Been a while since I tried some poetry as always forgive me as it is not a strong point of mine!

This is no way¬†indicative¬†of how I feel today though….



You have wonderful kids and a beautiful wife!

I hate myself and hate my life!


You have a roof over your head!

My place is so small I dont sleep in a bed!


you live off the state so you must be rich!

try telling that to my empty freezer and fridge!


you get money for nothing life must easy!

Im dealing with thoughts that are trying to kill me!


you spend all your time on the internet!

I have to rely on people that I’ve never met!


depression isn’t real its all in your head!

I battle with the feeling of being better off dead!


your putting it on there is nothing wrong that I can see!

walk a mile in my shoes and see what its like being me!


You have a smile on your face you cant be ill!

the smile is fake masking how I really feel!