A Ray of Light

A Ray of Light


Darkness as far as the eye can see,

A world of suffering and misery,

Feeling down future not looking bright,

Until I find a ray of light!


Hidden and obscured from view,

Searching for it is all I can do,

The trick is to prove that I can cope,

That one day I will find a ray of hope!


Emotions drained and all over the place,

A fake smile plastered across my face,

Telling myself it will all be OK,

The ray of light will help me find my way.


A ray of sunshine or a little sign,

Lets me know all will be fine,

Each bad day passes yet I’m still here,

Reason alone to celebrate and cheer!


Overcoming the bad times,

Pulling through the darkest hours,

The dark clouds soon will be lifted

The ray of light shows its powers.


That little glimmer of light,

That magnificent glow,

Its colours enriching the sky,

Putting on the greatest show.


Extending his arms to me,

Feeling its warm embrace,

I know that everything will work out fine,

I can find my peace inside my special place.


Victory will happen, though it will take time,

I will suffer with emotions that are raw,

Its a difficult struggle and a long fought battle,

But I will win this war.


The ray of light is inside us all,

Its under lock and key,

The best part of releasing it from the chains,

Is that you will be free!

The Depressed Moose Presents

The Depressed Moose Presents

“Stepping Into the Light- Poems from The Darkness”

What do you think as the title for the poetry book?

Personally I really like it!

Below is the image that represents The Depressed Moose if anyone wants to make a cover using the image please email me at thedepressedmoose@hotmail.com remembering to include the title on the cover.


while I am in good spirits again I really want to move forward on this but, as always I need your support and for word spreading abilities!

People seem to be excited by this idea and I want to strike while the iron is hot and interest is being shown.

The Waiting Room



For years I knew something was not right,

Asleep all day awake all night,

Nothing going right and everything wrong,

My life was like the saddest song.


The window incident changed my mind,

I needed all the help I could find.

A metaphorical sweeping of the broom,

Now I’m at my doctors waiting room.


Watching the clock slowing tick,

a visit to the dr might do the trick,

worried about the dreaded talk,

at the very least I left home for a walk.



minutes feel like years,

feeling anxious showing fears,

I am a man and we shed no tears!

all I want is some sympathetic ears.


The Doctor puts me so at ease,

he lets me talk and say what I please,

no matter how hard I try,

Once I open up I start to cry.


To get it out in the open,

to know your not alone,

proud that what I did was strong,

to realise that hiding my problems was wrong.


The weight on my shoulders has been lifted,

a chance for recovery has been gifted,

and now begins my hardest fight,

to win this battle with all my might.


Some days are good some days are bad,

trying to get back the good times I once had,

the good news is I answered my question,

I am not going mad I have depression!



Walls Closing In….

This is no way indicative to how I am feeling currently but it came to me and I had to get it down in print!

Apologies again for the true poets out there but its as good as I get!


The room is getting smaller,

The light merges into dark,

The air starts to become thin,

The walls are closing in.


Shortness of breath,

the pounding of my heart,

the sweat running down my head,

fighting this feeling of dread.


Struggling to speak,

my knees growing weak,

“Hi I’m Garry I have depression”,

“Recovery is my obsession!”


Standing under the familiar cloud,

The voice inside me screams aloud,

“you need more strength to set you free”,

“from all this pain and misery”


The silence is the loudest sound.

deafening me from all around,

The awkward feelings of fear and doubt,

are the only ones I think about.


The sound of laughter, fun and joy,

the noise I would make as a young boy.

It seems such a distant memory,

a reminder of who I used to be.


Slowly feeling suffocated,

alone, helpless and isolated,

and yet I know I’m not by myself,

in this journey of my mental health.


That one friend who writes me,

to ask how I am,

they don’t realise how important it is,

to know that someone gives a damn!


Taking each day nice and slow,

allowing time for my strength to grow,

making time to read and write,

keeps me busy throughout the night.


The hands around my throat squeeze tight,

trying to take my air with all their might,

I struggle to breathe and try to fight back,

Under pressure from this sustained attack.


And so the walls keep closing in,

it’s more than I can take,

and just at that vital moment,

My eyes open and I’m AWAKE!




My Open Book


A poem or, as friends prefer to say, my lyrical therapy!


Baring my soul,

Showing the real me,

Exposing my inner demons,

For the whole world to see.


Like an open book,

In my own unique style,

The intention is simple,

I want to learn how to smile.


Emotions and feelings,

Fears and frustration,

Depression and Anxiety,

Shared with the blogging nation.


The outgoing Garry,

always talking too fast,

Gregarious and outspoken,

Locked in the past.


Not gone forever,

Still locked away tight,

With each daily victory,

He is winning this fight.


Finding strength from others,

Their battles much more severe,

If they can do it,

I have nothing to fear.


I know I can beat this,

Having depression is not a crime,

With the writing I am doing,

It’s a matter of time.


Embracing the good times,

Focusing on the things I do right,

Like the lighthouses at sea,

It blinds me with the light.


Removing the bad thoughts,

The process of healing,

Pride in my writing,

Is all I should be feeling.


Without this depression,

I would not have the desire,

To help other people like me,

To help set them free.


I feel like I have found my place,

All this time it’s been in front of face,

I had the strength and the skill,

Now I have the will!


So this my book,

It’s informative and smart,

It’s not full of clichés,

It’s written from my heart.


The chapters are filling,

But so much more to see,

Keep turning the pages,

Share this Journey with me!


My written Salvation,

My victory will come,

It may take weeks, months or years,

But I will have my day in the sun.


An open top bus ride,

Through the streets of my town,

The moose beat depression

Garry has reclaimed his crown.


This book is my glory,

Its chapters completed,

When I can finally say the words,




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