Losing My Way

I heard this song on my ipod earlier and the lyrics really hit me hard!

sample of lyrics

And it is breaking me down

Watching the world spin round

While my dreams fall down

Is anybody out there?

It is breaking me down

No more friends around

And my dreams fall down

Is anybody out there?

Can anybody out there hear me?

‘Cause I can’t seem to hear myself

Can anybody out there see me?’

Cause I can’t seem to see myself

There’s gotta be a heaven somewhere

Can you save me from this hell?

Can anybody out there feel me?

‘Cause I can’t seem to feel myself
Losing my way, keep losing my way

Keep losing my way, can you help me find my way?

Losing my way, keep losing my way

Keep losing my way, can you help me find my way?

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I love music it gets me through rough times, as I have said to Sheryl many times : “if I am singing and dancing to music it is a good sign!”

Not singing or dancing tonight, just listening.


The tiredness of depression is wearing me down, the stress of money, Atos and all the other shit being thrown at me is getting harder to carry on my shoulders.

When I wake up tomorrow I can guarantee I will be tired!

Made an appointment with the Dr but nothing available until 5th September!

I should be happy tonight with the new book being published by you see the way my brain works is like so:

“Why has the new book already outsold the other one by 2.1 in just a few hours!”

In reality it should work like this:

“Garry you have published 2 books!”

I’m gonna borrow Weegee’s expression and say today I have a “broken brain” and its doing my head in!

People do not understand how tiring trying to be positive can be especially when all you can think about is negatives.

I am hoping I get the writing bug back in terms of my novel because the feedback has been great but in 3 days I have written virtually nothing. This is why the poem book was published slightly ahead of plan because it was starting to hang over me. Now I am just hoping people will help promote it because I have zero motivation as we speak!

This is currently the longest slump in my depression and despite peoples best efforts I can’t seem to get out of it.

Thank you Atos, Seetec and the economy for screwing with my recovery!!