This One is for All of You

From the bottom of my heart I wanted to write a sincere post just for you, my readers and followers.

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Thank you for reading my posts!

Thank you for commenting on my posts!

Thank you for following my blog!

Thank you for sharing my blog!

Thank you for supporting me!

To my fellow bloggers thank you for accepting me into your little community on here and for your help and advice.

Ok enough of the mushy stuff but I hope you all know how much I appreciate you all because without you I would not be writing this blog.


Back to the real world for a moment, I have just been and surprised my great Aunt by turning up on her door without warning her. We speak every few days but there is a big difference between speaking on the phone and visiting someone.

When was the last time you surprised someone with a visit? when was the last time someone surprised you?

Or even a little phone call to someone who is depressed and feels alone can make such a difference to their day.

5 minutes of time means nothing to you but to someone like me it can have a massive effect on my mood, usually in a positive way.


I saw this hat on friends today and really want it can you find out where to get one?

The Moose Hat I must have! Photo Credit: Google Images


Or just ask for my address and send me one……


I am also still on the hunt for that tattooist who wants to give me a free moose tattoo you can sponsor my blog for a month if you do it for free 🙂 heck I may even write a blog about how wonderful you and the tattoo are!

And now over to you…

I am interested in what you think I can do to improve this blog. More content, less content, more time between posts?

Please email me with suggestions or message me via contact page

I would love your feedback!

Day 5 of my good days streak so even negative feedback with not bring me down but email it anyway and I can take it into account, if it improves this blog and helps to gain more readers and gets people talking about depression then it is all for the greater good!

Thank you all again