Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time



I bought a mountain bike yesterday – what was I thinking?

So today I thought I would start with a piece of advice for you all. If you have not cycled for about 6 years, and weigh 5 stone (70lbs) heavier since you last rode a bike then for love of god do not buy one from a shop 5 miles away at the bottom of a hill and expect to be in one piece when you make it home, having carried the bloody thing up 3 flights of stairs.

That advice is free the next bit of advice comes with a donation link ūüôā

I decided maybe to try the exercise route to try and combat depression despite there being a study conducted recently which concluded

‚ÄúExercise doesn’t help depression,‚ÄĚ according to The Guardian. The paper said that patients¬†advised to exercise fare no better than those who receive only standard care. For more details on this please refer to¬†¬†where the NHS (National Health Service for you non UK residents dissect the findings and present their own ideas)

As a back story to this let me explain my physical conditions to go along with the mental issues I enjoy.

Currently I’m what the doctors would call “Obese” or what the kids at the school I used to work at would call “fat bastard”, either way its something that needs working on.
The pringles and big mac diet that I have worked on for the last 10 years is really not giving me the results I need but I just don’t like “healthy food” I find it bland but thats another issue.

So besides the depression and obesity the biggest problem I have is my knees and it is here I think that the depression problem begins. My youth was spent playing football (soccer) and as a result of an injury picked up as a young teenager I had an operation on my knee at 17. After the Operation the hospital kindly lost all notes and made the problem worse to the point where I used to train on a Tuesday and not be able to walk without pain until Saturday, play a match on Saturday and not walk properly till Tuesday and start all over again. This carried on until I was 23 when I had to stop playing altogether  which meant the only thing I truly loved and enjoyed doing was taken away me.

This was when my weight started to become an issue and without the regular (albeit) painful exercise I ballooned and enjoyed comments like¬†being told I¬†couldn’t¬†shave properly because my face is too fat! Thanks for that Dad!¬†

A second operation in 2009 has not made the problem any better (despite being told they couldn’t find anything) and I am now in the vicious circle of having knees not able to support the weight I carry but not allowing me to exercise to lose the weight! And people wonder why I’m depressed and comfort eat LOL

Fingers crossed I can take the cycling on and start shifting some weight and see if the healthy body healthy mind¬†philosophy¬†works out if not then I’m screwed.

Have a great weekend folks and remember if you see a man on the side of the road having a fight with a bike it could be me!!