IBS and Me

Thankfully I can find the funny side in my situation and it certainly helps get me through the bad times.

With that in mind here are some pictures which best describe the past few days in my world.


it all started with a craving


and then the inevitable happened


not sure this will be enough


gotta be worth a shot hasnt it?

ringoffire (2)

no words needed!

of course IBS is no laughing matter. It is ruining my life!

It’s Bloody Shitty if you ask me! (see what I did there? genius I tells ya!)

Not much brings you down more than spending most of the day rushing to the toilet! Thank God I didn’t have to go anywhere that day of it could have got very messy.

Now I just need to find the number of someone at Andrex to see if they want to sponsor this blog!

I can see it now…

who needs a cute puppy when you can have me!

who needs a cute puppy when you can have me!